Puppy Services


Pre-Purchase Puppy Advice from £30

If you are thinking about getting a dog, how do you decide what to get?  Do you go for looks? Temperament? Size? Or suitability for your lifestyle?  Are the kids bugging you for the latest ‘designer’ breed?  Whatever dog you chose you must be sure it is the right breed for your lifestyle.

Going for a breed based on looks alone is not the right way about it.  Going for a ‘designer’ breed may set you back unnecessary hundreds of pounds, they are after all, a crossbreed.  Temperament and healthy blood lines of course must be taken into consideration but make sure you look at your lifestyle and chose a breed that will suit that. 

Dogs will be dogs no matter what environment you put them in.  Their breed characteristics will be set (‘nature’), only a certain amount of ‘nurture’ will allow them to adapt to your lifestyle.  There are of course, always exceptions to the rule.  There are many books, websites and so much information out there about breed groups and types so I won’t list them all here but when looking for a dog consider these things:

 Are you an outdoors person?  Will you go out come rain, wind or shine?

Or do you prefer to snuggle up under a blanket on a cold wet day with the fire roaring?

Do you have 2-3 hours a day to exercise, train and play with your dog, every day…?

Or do you want to come home at the end of the day, have a quick walk around the block and then play indoor games and spend time fussing your pooch?Are you interested in a type of fun training, competition sports or showing

Or do you just want to completethe basics and have a well-behaved family dog that doesn’t jump up at Aunty Maud when she comes for Christmas?!

All of these questions must be asked and answered honestly in order for you to make the right choice.  Please don’t think that just because a friend had a particular breed, or you had one growing up and it was OK that it will be the same again.  Times change and lifestyles are different, no matter how similar they appear on the surface.

So, if you have done a little research, or don’t know where to start, and want a little more advice about breed characteristics, or you’re not sure if a certain breed will fit in to your lifestyle, please give me a call to book a consultation.  I will give you my honest opinion and some help on how to find the right type of breeder, where to look or if a rescue centre dog or pup will be more suitable.  Based in your own home, I can also help you to see realistically how the new addition will fit in to your home.


Puppy Training Course from £120 (4 Weeks)

In the comfort of your own home, this 4-week course is designed to help you get the best start in gaining manners from your pup before bad habits start!  As it is held at home the training can start from as early as 10-12weeks old.  This course is designed to complement group training classes as well as make it practical for your family.  Bridging the gap between early socialisation and puppy training classes, this home course can help put into practice what you have already learnt and make it relevant to your home and family.  This is also a great time to get the children involved with training at a time that suits you!