Dog  Training Services

Adolescent Training Course from £120

NEW!  A 4-session training course designed for young adolescent dogs (7-12months) providing the additional support needed and training to progress from puppy classes at this testing time!  This can include help on what to do when you have a female in season who may have restricted exercise and how to keep your dog happy and mentally stimulated while he or she is recovering from a neutering operation.

Quite often you will notice a difference in your dog at this early onset adolescence.  They may ’forget’ all their training, seemingly become ‘deaf’ or revert to puppy mouthing again, chewing everything in sight! You have what is in effect an adult size dog displaying young puppy behaviours and you as an owner may be pulling your hair out wondering where it all went wrong!!

There is a reason so many rescue centres are full of adolescent dogs…..

This time, although challenging, can also be very rewarding and can help to refocus your bond.  The service that I offer for this is to help you through this testing time, to give you support and help so you can come out the other side with a well-mannered adult dog and a huge sense of achievement.


1-2-1 Dog Training Sessions from £35

Focusing on sociable dogs that need some extra help with manners or beginner’s obedience for you to have a well-mannered pet.  Sometimes just a one-off session will get you back on track!  I do not cater for dogs that have severe or extreme behaviour problems but I am always happy to talk this through and guide you in the right direction to get the best help for you and your dog.  

Advice on understanding why a particular ‘issue’ might be occurring and how to channel it in the right way by using mental stimulation or general help on ‘breed type’ games.  If your dog has never quite mastered the art of walking to heel or jumps up at visitors when they come over, this is also the session for you.

The option to train your dog at home is something which I found many people like to do before attending a group class where they may be feeling as if they are ‘on show’ and ‘not as good as everyone else’.  The chance to be able to get some basics specific to you under your belt before joining a group class is a great way to start your training relationship with your dog. 

I can also make what you learn in class specific to everyday routines, something which was very much used in training with Hearing Dogs.  The ability for not only the dog, but for you to generalise basic obedience commands will stand you in good stead for the foundations of a great relationship.

It’s always best to talk over what your expectations are before I come along to our session so a telephone call to discuss the best options for you and your family is advisable.


Dog Walking

For dogs that have been to my training sessions or classes.  I have limited availability for this service but please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.  I can offer this service to dogs that I know and ideally have worked with.  Especially important with young dogs or those going through training, I feel it is important that their training is continued to give consistency and support the efforts you make as an owner.  I don’t like to walk big groups of dogs together as quite often the needs of them are different but I will use this individual time to continue their training as well as have a good time playing!  I will only walk them on lead, a long line if it is appropriate, to give them freedom but to retain control. For those that cannot manage a full hour walk due to age or breed type, I spend the rest of the time with them at home playing games, doing a bit of fun training, having cuddles and giving them a brush if they need it.

Pet Sitting

I can offer home visits for feeding, fussing, letting your pets out to toilet and cleaning small pet cages, hutches or chicken coops.  I am fully insured for this service and hold a DBS check.  Before I undergo any pet sitting, I will always go through a detailed pet sitting schedule with you before your holiday or day out to ensure your pet’s routine stays as normal as possible and so I know exactly what is expected of my visit.  I am happy to communicate with you too if you would like updates on your pets while you are away and will even give your plants a water if needs be!